California Association of School Transportation Officials

Member Of The Year Awards

Official Member Award Recipients

1987 Paula Sauvadon

1988 Ben Seykora

1989 John Mallory

1990 Al Sauvadon

1991 Arnita Moon

1993 Jan Wright

1994 Larry Laxson

1995 Bill Martin

1996 Bob Wigginton

1998 Don Fowler

1999 Nikki Hughes

2000 Doug Snyder

2001 Tom Carroll

2002 Clarence Hutchison

2004 Jo Ann Miller

2006 Mary Birmingham

2007 Carol Edwards

2008 Pam Zanze

2009 Janet Hutchison

2010 Elizabeth Gregory

2014 Reggie Foley

2015 Doug Smith

2018 Sam Anderson

2020 Nanette Rondeau

2021 Tony Lavezzo

Associate Member Award Repcipients

1988 Del Schweiger

1990 Bob Pollard

1991 Barney Finlay

1995 Chuck Ashley

2010 Essa Hall

2011 Monica Chairez

2013 Damon Anglin

2015 Don Blakeney

Professional Member Award Recipients

1987 Ginger Channell

1988 Claire Delfino

1989 Betty Stevens

1990 Anne McCracken

1991 Retta McCurdy

1993 Faye Smith

1994 Judy Farley

1999 Anna Bleich

2000 Janet Ream

2005 Gina Morse

2008 Yolanda Takacs

2010 Donna King

Student / Retired Member Award Recipient

1995 Tassina Elder

1995 Rich Burgi

2000 Larry Sherrill

2003 Dale D’Avignon

2008 Frank Klepach

2010 Joan Achuff

2011 Betty Manwill

2017 Greg Straw

2019 Barbara Terry

2020 Ellen Johnson


The purpose of the CASTO Member of the Year Awards program is to promote a greater appreciation of CASTO members by the public at large, and to honor their outstanding service to CASTO.


  1. Official Member: The candidate must be an employee within a job classification directly related to the following titles (CASTO membership categories 1-6):
    1. Transportation Manager, Director, Supervisor
    2. Maintenance Shop Supervisor, Foreman
    3. Dispatcher, Scheduler, Driver Instructor, Trainer
    4. Leadperson, Head Driver
    5. CHP Officer
    6. State Representative
  2. Professional Member: The candidate must be an employee within a job classification directly related to the following titles (CASTO membership categories 7-8):
    1. Bus Driver
    2. Mechanic
  3. Associate Member: The candidate must be an employee within a job classification directly related to the following titles (CASTO membership categories 9-11)
    1. Secretary, Clerk
    2. Representative of Manufacturer, Distributor Consultant, other sales
    3. School Official, PTA, Public Member
  4. Student/Retired Member: The candidate must be a registered full time student or retired member of CASTO (membership category 12).


The presentation of the awards will be made at CASTO’s Annual Conference.

  1. The award recipient for each category will be a guest of the Association with one day and one-night expenses paid at the Annual Conference for the Award Presentation.

  2. If the award recipient is unable to be present, the award will be presented to the appropriate chapter president.

  3. The award recipient shall be presented with a traveling plaque, properly inscribed, to keep on display for the year and returned to the organization before the next year’s conference.

  4. The award recipient will also be awarded an individual plaque to retain in his/her possession.

California Association of School Transportation Officials

The district superintendent, company owner, or other representative will be invited to witness the presentation of the award.


  1. Nomination for each category of the “Member of the Year Award” must be made by three (3) current members of the organization, of which at least one (1) must be an Official Member.
  2. Nomination forms will be provided to each chapter at the November board meeting of each year, with additional copies obtainable upon request to the State President.

  3. All information requested on the nomination forms must be provided with all pages of the forms returned intact. Failure to provide the requested information or submission of an incomplete nomination form will be cause for disqualification.

  4. To aid in impartial judging of all the candidates, the name and identification of the candidate and chapter shall appear only on the nomination form Part I.

  5. Nomination forms must be mailed to the address indicated on the nomination form and postmarked no later than the date indicated.


The CASTO Member of the Year Committee shall consist of one (1) chairperson, appointed by the State President, who must be a current member.

The chairperson shall be responsible for program administration.

The CASTO Member of the Year Committee chairperson will appoint two (2) judges to select the award recipient for each category.

  1. Judges will not have access to Part I of the nomination form, or the nominee’s name.
  2. A judge must be a current Official member of CASTO and should have at least five (5) years prior membership experience.

The chairperson will be responsible to verify all information used in connection with selecting the final candidate for each category.

Candidates will be judged based on outstanding achievement above and beyond that expected of an individual within the category.

  1. Achievement must be directly related to CASTO and/or the school bus transportation industry.

  2. All criteria will be judged based on the opinion of the judges.

  3. The candidate in each category, who in the opinion of the judges reached the highest level of # 4 above will be selected for the award.

  4. No award will be presented if all candidates fail to meet #4 above.

Only one award will be given for each category.

Once the judges select the award recipient for each category, the results will be shared only with the awards committee chairperson.

The identity of each award recipient will be kept confidential among the committee members until the chairperson at the Annual State Conference presents the awards.

Securement of the traveling plaques and the purchase of the individual plaques shall be coordinated with the State President without revealing the identity of the award recipients.

(NOTE: Number four (4) above is very important in relation to the actual judging. It is recommended that the three (3) people filling out the nomination form concentrate heavily on one or two achievements, that can be identified by the judges as above and beyond what can be expected of an individual.)


  1. The candidate must be a current member of CASTO and have been a member for at least three (3) previous years.

  2. Members of the Member of the Year Committee, and judges, are not eligible for the award.

  3. A candidate cannot have been a previous award winner in the same award category.


Membership of the Year Award - Nomination Form | Part 1 (Fillable)
Membership of the Year Award - Nomination Form | Part 2 (Fillable) | 855.227.8668

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