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The California State School Bus Safety Roadeos consist of two (2) annual, official, sectional school bus safety roadeos, one in Northern California and one in Southern California, and The California State Championship Roadeo. The continued success of the State Roadeos is directly related to the abilities and resources of the State Roadeo Committee.

The CASTO State Board of Directors is currently looking for a qualified CASTO member to fill the position of the State Roadeo Vice-Chairperson through appointment by the State President.

The following criteria, copied here from CASTO State Roadeo Policy, State Roadeo Committee Qualifications, Duties, and Responsibilities will be considered in selecting the State Roadeo Vice-Chairperson.

  1. Leadership

    1. Committee members should have a broad perspective of school transportation operations so that the interests of all professional categories are considered.

    2. Committee members should have the ability to work for the benefit of the school transportation community and refrain from the self-serving positions on proposed ideas and solutions to issues.

    3. Committee members should not hold to past practices just because it has always been done that way.

    4. Committee members must have the ability to develop objective rationale and justification for necessary changes that will be convincing to others.

    5. Committee members should be self-starters and motivators with enthusiasm for positive change.

  2. Resources

    1. Committee members must have sufficient staff resources and administrative support to accomplish the tasks of their committee responsibilities.

    2. Service on the State Roadeo Executive Committee will require a significant amount of time to accomplish the work of the committee. CASTO shall explore the following in depth before selecting individuals to serve on the State Roadeo Executive Committee.

      1. Extent of financial and administrative support from employer

      2. Ability to attend all State Roadeo Committee meetings

      iii. Ability to participate in all State Roadeos, set-up and clean-up iv. Extent of family support due to time commitment

  3. The State Roadeo Vice-Chairperson is responsible for:

    1. Assisting the State Chairperson as requested in directing, organizing and planning the operational and support services of the State Roadeo(s).

    2. Assisting the California Department of Education as necessary in the State Championship Roadeo.

    3. Procuring all awards and pins for the State Sectional and Championship Roadeo(s).

    4. Submitting all reports and expenses to the Chairperson by June 1.

Below is the application...

Call for State Roadeo Vice-Chairperson Applicants 2018.pdf

It continues to be CASTO’s policy to only financially sponsor (to the appropriate national competition) the State Champion and the State Special Needs Champion, but only if each of them are currently CASTO members in good standing. All drivers are welcome to compete at a state sectional roadeo, but you are encouraged to expand your potential by becoming and remaining CASTO members in good standing.

2018 Roadeo Results:

Upcoming 2018 School Bus Safety Roadeo Dates

 - May 27, 2018 - 
This year, both sectional raodeos and the Championship readeo will all be conducted on the same date, and at the same location.

Northern Sectional – Kern County Superintendent of Schools
Southern Sectional – Kern County Superintendent of Schools
State Championship – Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Kern County Superintendent of Schools

705 South Union Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93307

It's Roadeo Time Letter 1-17-18.pdf

The main focus of a School Bus Roadeo is SAFETY.
The more training and practice a driver has the safer he or she will be.

At the Roadeo drivers compete against each other using their skills in precision driving. Each event is either timed or measured to determine the score. The events consist of an obstacle course which includes backing, parallel parking, student loading/unloading, right and left hand turns, and written exams on rules and regulations and vehicle inspection

Roadeo is a great skill builder that is beneficial to the drivers, the company, school district and the students that ride the bus.

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Upcoming Roadeo Events

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