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School Bus Safety Roadeos

The main focus of a School Bus Roadeo is SAFETY.

The more training and practice a driver has the safer he or she will be.

At the Roadeo drivers compete against each other using their skills in precision driving. Each event is either timed or measured to determine the score. The events consist of an obstacle course which includes backing, parallel parking, student loading/unloading, right and left hand turns, and written exams on rules and regulations and vehicle inspection

Roadeo is a great skill builder that is beneficial to the drivers, the company, school district and the students that ride the bus.

2019-2020 Roadeo Dates
    • Southern Roadeo - April 25, 2020
    • Northern Roadeo - May 2, 2020
    • State Championship Roadeo - May 24, 2020

2019 Championship Roadeo

1st Place
Derek Bosserman
Tahoe Truckee USD

2nd Place
Danelle Adams
Roseville Joint USD

3rd Place
Rosa Rosas
Garden grove USD

Special Needs
Jose Andrade
Elk Grove USD

1st Place Team 
Derek Bosserman
Laura Brochu
Hugo Najera-Rivas

Tahoe Truckee USD

2019 Championship Roadeo Photos

2019 Southern Sectional Winners

Novice Class

  • 1. Kristy Adamo Lake Elsinore USD

Special Needs Class

  • 1. Crystal Brown Garden Grove USD
  • 2. Alicia Papush Lake Elsinore USD
  • 3. Portia Blair Lake Elsinore USD

Open Class

  • 1. David Hernandez STA-San Jose
  • 2. Ed Heim Lake Elsinore USD
  • 3. Manuel Concepcion ABC USD
  • 4. Angie Couch Lake Elsinore USD

Professional Class

  • 1. Rosa Rosas Garden Grove USD
  • 2. Luanne Duus ABC USD
  • 3. Jose Navarro Garden Grove USD
  • 4. Theresa Ruiz Apple Valley USD
  • 5. Wanda Mahley Lake Elsinore USD
  • 6. Kevin Thomas Apple Valley USD
  • 7. Angel Ruiz Apple Valley USD

Elite Class

  • 1. Sergio Duenas Durham – San Bernardino
  • 2. Shirlee Olsen Snowline Joint USD
  • 3. Shannon Bourassa Snowline Joint USD
  • 4. Jose Reyes Durham – San Bernardino
  • 5. Leslie Baker Lake Elsinore USD
  • 6. Kenny Lara Durham – San Bernardino
  • 7. Eduardo Gonzalez Garden Grove USD
  • 8. Jessica Cole Lake Elsinore USD

Honorable Mention – Conventional

  • 1. Kenny Lara Durham – San Bernardino

Honorable Mention – Van

  • 1. Noemi Lopez Fullerton School District

Team Competition

  • 1. CASTO Ch. 20, Sergio Duenas, Shirlee Olsen, Shannon Bourassa

Best Represented

  • 1. Lake Elsinore Unified School District

2019 Northern Sectional Winner's

Novice Class

  • 1.       Tina Embree                      Mt. Diablo

Special Needs Class

  • 1.       Jose Andrade                     Elk Grove USD
  • 2.       Phillip Cervantes              First Student Fresno
  • 3.       Jessica Ramos                    First Student Fresno

Open Class

  • 1.       William Phan                     STA-San Jose
  • 2.       Scott  Duncan                    Mt. Diablo USD
  • 2.       Adriana Santos                  Hayward USD
  • 3.       Angela Lumbreras            Tahoe Truckee USD
  • 4.       Curtis Lehn                         Central USD

Professional Class

  • 1.       Alexander Hardee           Clovis USD
  • 2.       Ismael Lopez                      Fresno USD
  • 3.       Bryant Vick                         Clovis USD
  • 4.       Kellie Cavazos                    Fresno USD
  • 5.       Phyllis Stuart                      Mt. Diablo USD
  • 6.       Sue Walker                         West County
  • 7.       Casey Custer                      Clovis USD

Elite Class

  • 1.       Derek Bosserman            Tahoe Truckee USD
  • 2.       Carlos Fonseca                  Fresno USD
  • 3.       Bob Green                          Mt. Diablo USD
  • 4.       Laura Brochu                      Tahoe Truckee USD
  • 5.       Danny Riedel                      Roseville Joint USD
  • 6.       Ashlee Ujano                     STA-Santa Maria
  • 7.       Elva Fonseca                      Fresno USD
  • 8.       Hugo Najera-Rivas           Tahoe Truckee USD
  • 8.       Steven Fabela                    Fresno USD
  • 9.       Danelle Adams                  Roseville Joint USD
  • 10.   Jesus Castro                       Central USD

Honorable Mention – Conventional

  • 1.       Les Johnson                       STA – Santa Maria

Honorable Mention – Van

  • 1.       William Phan                     STA – San Jose

Team Ccompetition

  • 1.       Tahoe Truckee USD, Derek Bosserman, Laura Brochu, Hugo Najera-Rivas

Best Represented

  • 1.       Fremont Unified School District

The 66th Edition Roadeo Book 2019.pdf


From the CASTO State Roadeo Chair

Well it’s that time of year again... It’s ROADeO season. We are looking forward to an amazing year of competition. There are not many changes (this year) in the roadeo book for 2019. However, we do have a couple of things to remind you about.  This year Roadeo competition will go back to the usual format of three separate State Roadeos. The Northern Sectional on the 27th of April at the Galt Market, the Southern Sectional on the 11th of May at the Irwindale Speedway, and the 30th Annual California State Championship Roadeo (for those that have qualified at one of the Sectional Roadeos) on the 26th of May at the Galt Market.

Please be sure that you double check your applications for accuracy (especially in regards to competitor categories). Some of the applications this past year had missing or misinformation causing a delay in registering the competitor. Late registrations will not be accepted.  Drivers that compete in a bus that is wider than the standard 96 inches in width (IE. 102 inch bus), we will be adjusting the course events of Backup Stall and Offset Alley. These two events will be set up to grant the same amount of space closest to the nearest inch the vehicle exceeds the width of 96 inches. This adjustment will insure the course remains equal for all competitors.

For the Best Represented Category, we will be returning to the past standard of judging the equipment. For those of you that may be competing in this category, please ensure that you have looked over the rules carefully. There are rules in the book that can cause a disqualification in the Best Represented category. We don’t want to see anyone disqualified for not knowing a rule.

The State Roadeo committee members and I would like to thank all of the Competitors, for your commitment to safety. When you decide to compete in School Bus Safety Roadeo you dedicate part of your life and a lot of your time to make yourself a better driver. School Bus Safety Roadeos make a good driver better and great drivers amazing. You are doing all you can to help keep students, and the motoring public safer. We would also like to send a special thank you to the Judges, the families and friends... For without you and your support the drivers would not be here.

Thank you,

Doug Smith
CASTO State Roadeo Chair | 855.227.8668

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