California Association of School Transportation Officials

School Bus Safety Poster Contest

The following information and rules are to be used by all persons interested in entering the California Association of School Transportation Officials School Bus Safety Poster Contest.

All posters submitted for entry must meet all of the criteria listed below in order to be judged. Posters not meeting the criteria will be disqualified and discarded.

Who May Enter:

Any student in grades K-8 enrolled in a public, private or parochial school in the State of California.


    • Division #1 Grades K-3
    • Division #2 Grades  4-6
    • Division #3 Grades 7-8
    • Division #4 Special Education: K-8


Posters shall be submitted to your local CASTO Chapter.

Deadline Date for Entry:

Completed posters must be submitted by the local CASTO Chapter to the State organization prior to November 15, 2023.

For Additional Information Contact:

California Association of School Transportation Officials
Jana Graham, State Secretary
PO Box 348120
Sacramento, CA 95834

805-938-8981 or

The Process:

Local chapters shall judge posters submitted to them and submit only ONE (1) POSTER FROM EACH DIVISION to the State Organization for judging by the State Board.

All entries become the property of CASTO and may not be returned.

Poster Specifications:

Completed poster size shall be 12” x 18” with a 1" space at the bottom where the entry blank shall be attached.  Poster maybe illustrated on the vertical or horizontal axis.  The CASTO School Bus Safety Poster entry blank or a reasonable facsimile, with all information typed or printed, and signed by the teacher, shall be securely attached to the lower left corner of the poster entry.

Design shall be submitted on quality tag poster board, or heavy paper.  Construction paper may be used, but winning entries, at the local chapter level, must be mounted on quality tag board prior to being submitted to the CASTO State Board for judging.  Lamination is not permitted an will disqualify the poster.

Poster Theme:

The poster and slogan must harmonize with the theme and contain correct safety concepts, and be the exclusive work of the student entering the poster in idea, design and execution.

2023-2024 Theme: "My School Bus Driver Keeps Me Safe"

Contestants must illustrate/harmonize the above theme only.   The theme on the poster must be exactly as shown above, to include all punctuation.

Drawings Must:

  • Be the exclusive work of the student entering the contest.
  • Be original in idea, design and execution.
  • Be correct in safety concept.
  • Be positive in approach, and demonstrate only proper school bus safety behaviors.
  • Include at least a part of a yellow school bus.


Freehand-drawn letters only bay be used on the poster design.  Stenciled, pre-printed, manufactured stick-on letter or tracing of letters may not be used.  Lettering should be clearly legible, even if used as part of the poster design.

Color and Media:

There is no limitation on the use and number of colors.  There is not limitation on the media such as print, crayon, cut paper, felt pen, etc. used on the poster design.  Howere, wood, plastic, glass or metal should not be part of the poster.  Collage materials should not be used.  Poster designs may not incorporate any copyrighted character (i.e., comic newspaper illustrations).


Poster must be submitted to local CASTO chapters for judging at the local level.  The winning poster from each of the four (4) divisions at the local level shall be submitted by the local chapter to the CASTO State Secretary for selection no later than November 19, 2022 (Virtual State Board Meeting).  All posters shall be judged on the following criteria:

A. Relationship of the poster design to school bus safety practices.

B. Originality of the poster and how the ideas is expressed in the poster design.

C. Artwork and its execution.

D. Visual impact of the poster design.

All posters become the property of the California Association of School Transportation Officials.  The right to modify any poster for reproduction is reserved by the CASTO poster Committee, comprised of members of CASTO, school bus manufacturers and suppliers.

At the January 11, 2020 State Board Meeting, submitted posters were judged.  Below are the winners for each division.  

Division #1 | K-3 Grades

Division #2 | 4 - 6 Grades

Division #3 | 7 -8 Grades

Division #4 | Special Education K - 8

2019 School Bus Safety Poster Contest Winner

Michelle Woo
Fairmont Private Schools
Historic Anaheim Campus
Anaheim California

2018 School Bus Safety Poster Contest Winner

Poster designs may not incorporate any copyrighted materials. (i.e. comic and/or television characters) including stock artwork, meaning photographs or other images of common places, landmarks, nature, events or people: clip art, meaning anything from an existing collection of pictures or images that can be imported from or into the poster; and non-original raster graphics or vector graphics.


Local Level:

Local chapters shall determine prizes at the local level.  Please contact your local chapter representative for information on prizes at the local level.

State Level:

Prizes have been set at:

First Place in each division will receive:

1. $150.00 Check

2. $100.00 check to be spent on a class party.

The winner of the poster contest will be honored at the annual State Conference with a presentation of their original poster in recognition for their work.  The original poster shall be framed for presentation.  The Conference Committee shall provide lodging for the winner and his/her parents at the Conference Hotel for Saturday night and will make the formal presentation of the award at the Sunday Installation Breakfast at the annual State Conference.  The State Board will pay for travel expenses for the winner and parents to the Conference. | 855.227.8668

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